Terms & Conditions

  1. MCI Club is a limited company registered in England under number 09204126.Registered address: The Conifers, Filton Road, Hambrook, Bristol, BS16 1QG.Correspondence and Trading address –
    1 & 2 The Sanctuary, Eden Office Park, 62 Macrae Road, Ham Green, Bristol, BS20 0DD.
  2. MCI Club is a marketing organisation only and does not carry out any FCA Regulated activity and as such has no requirement to or is authorised by The FCA or has any liability for any part of the services provided. No advice or recommendation is given or implied by MCI Club to members using the services of MCI Club.
  3. All regulated activity is carried out by you as a member of The MCI Club under your own FCA permissions or that of your Principal if you are the member of a network.
  4. If you are a network Appointed Representative you have obtained the consent of your Principal to use the products and services promoted by The MCI Club.
  5. MCI Club promotes the products and services of a range of organisations in a marketing capacity and only offers indicative information for UK Professional Advisers and should not be relied upon solely to form any arrangements with clients. MCI Club cannot be held responsible for the acts, or errors omissions of the organisations promoted and it is your responsibility to check all product information, including but not limited to, fees, charges, interest rates, and commissions with each product provider before any business is conducted with them.
  6. Each member agrees that MCI Club will consent to lenders / insurers / product providers sharing information with MCI Club and vice versa for the sole purpose of management of the relationship and handling where applicable fee payments on behalf of providers. Including liaison with Mortgage Keeper to obtain management information on provider volumes so as to calculate any discounts due to members.
  7. Members agree to repay to MCI Club any fees / commissions that are clawed back from MCI Club by providers and such sums can also be set off against any future commissions / fees payable by the MCI Club to the member.
  8. Members acknowledge that product providers may change, withdraw and or offer new products and services without notice, including changing procuration fees payable and that MCI Club is not responsible for such changes/amendments.
  9. Members agree to MCI Club being able to give their details to product providers / suppliers for marketing and promotional activities.
  10. The relationship between MCI Club and member shall not be deemed to be that of partnership, Principal or agent, or employee/employer and MCI Club shall not be responsible for any acts, omissions, representations or mis-representations of the member.
  11. It is the responsibility of the member to report directly to the lenders, insurance providers and other product providers on the panel any advisors that have been subject to any disciplinary action, been convicted of a criminal offence, been removed from any lender / insurer panels in the last 12 months or have been subject to a regulatory client complaint.
  12. Free file checks refers to a percentage of your combined mortgage & life cases completed and arranged through the MCI Club panel of lenders and insurers. For every single life or mortgage case as above you will receive 1 credit. When 20 credits are accumulated this will earn you one free file check.e.g A mortgage sold with a single life assurance policy (both arranged through The MCI Club) will earn you 2 credits.
  13. Free Customer Portal & Assurance Keeper systems are supplied to members of The MCI Club who support the The MCI Club with mortgage & life assurance business.
  14. A seperate agreement will be made with each intermediary to cover the provision of free IT technology & discounts.