Kensignton - New to panel

Kensington is a lender that takes a sensible approach to complex Residential and Buy to Let cases.

How Do I Start:
To register to do business with Kensington go to and follow the online instructions.
Ring Kensington Business Development Unit on 0800 111 020 if help required.

If you already registered with Kensington then go to the Home Screen ‘User Profile’ and select MCI Club & move to your preferred list, type your password and save.
Once it states ‘your details have been updated’ MCI will always appear on your preferred list.

To submit a case, on the ‘Submission Route’ screen of the DIP select ‘Yes’ when asked if the case is being submitted via MCI Club.

Payment Process:
MCI will pay your procuration fee to you the day after we receive it from Kensington
Net Fee:
0.40% (No minimum or maximum)