MCI Club features in experts 2017 roundup

Phil Whitehouse, MCI Club managing director, has featured in Online Mortgage Advisor's roundup of whats to come in 2017.

The article pulls together over 20 of the top industry leaders, lenders, experts, economists and gurus from across the industry, to provide a comprehensive review of what's to come, covering hot topics such as Brexit, Lender Funding, Mortgage Criteria, House prices, and the Future of Buy-To-Let.

Phil provides extended insight into broker trends and comment from the mortgage club's perspective.

To read the article in full please visit it here.

Hodge Lifetime - The Interest only time bomb, how Hodge 55+ Mortgage can help

A couple come into your office, both in their late 50’s and still working full time they want some advice on their options in retirement, their most pressing concern? their existing interest only Mortgage and the fact they have not got the capital to repay it in just 5 years time.

Previously the most likely and possibly the only solution would have been to sell up, but this categorically isn’t what your clients want, this is their family home, close to their jobs, close to their hearts. Downsizing may be an option but not for many years. They have not been irresponsible, their hope had been that rising house prices over the long term would mean they built up sufficient equity to be able to more than repay the mortgage, this hasn’t happened. What next? Hodge Lifetime Explains


Changes to Santander's Residential Net Fee

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Yes it's true... Changes to Santander's Residential Net Fee NOW 0.32% Net Proc fee for MCI CLUB members!

NEW! £380 minimum Net Proc fee paid for new business loans over £25,000 and above.
NO maximum proc fee
FULL proc fee paid on total mortgage amount for existing Santander home movers

Coming soon - NEW retention proc fee on Residential & Buy to Let

Barclays - Best ever Buy to Let Products

MCI CLUB are pleased to advise you that Barclay's are launching their best-ever Buy to Let (BTL) products, with a market leading fee-free range.

From Friday 3rd February, our members will have access to their widest range of BTL rates, including:

·         2.09% 2 Year Fixed, 75% LTV with a 1% fee
·         2.09% 2 Year Tracker, 75% LTV with a £1,500 fee
·         2.99% 5 Year Fixed, 75% LTV with a 1% fee

They are also introducing a new 2.99% 10 Year Fixed at 65% LTV with a £2,000 fee. What's more, these rates have been designed to be competitive nationwide.

MCI CLUB New Barclays BTL proc fee rate from 3rd Feb is
NET 0.38%