MCI CLUB are pleased to advise you that Barclay’s are launching their best-ever Buy to Let (BTL) products, with a market leading fee-free range.

From Friday 3rd February, our members will have access to their widest range of BTL rates, including:

·         2.09% 2 Year Fixed, 75% LTV with a 1% fee
·         2.09% 2 Year Tracker, 75% LTV with a £1,500 fee
·         2.99% 5 Year Fixed, 75% LTV with a 1% fee

They are also introducing a new 2.99% 10 Year Fixed at 65% LTV with a £2,000 fee. What’s more, these rates have been designed to be competitive nationwide.

MCI CLUB New Barclays BTL proc fee rate from 3rd Feb is
NET 0.38%